WE ARE A MEDIA AND CREATIVE HOUSE BUT FIRST, WE create sustainable apparel to send a powerful message on sports culture.

Bete Noir Sport is a guide for the ones that feel and felt lost through sport, to guide them into a world where they can feel the same rush, identity, force that they once felt.

Bete Noir Sport was born from the overwhelming boredom of the current context of sports and sports culture. The boredom of a statistics-obsessed industry, built on a system of abuse, terror, corruption, pain, and fear.

But worst of all; the loss of self.

The label exists to bring light to the internal dialogue of the soul-dying sports star.

What is the by-product of a winning athlete?

—> An entire generation of failed athletes.

—> An anxiety-led generation of superhumans with no Plan B

—> An addiction to rush of it all.

We are not built for technicalities or functionality of sportswear or athletic gear.

Bete Noir Sport is a statement and an effort, a push, an urge towards mental health, self-expression, liberation, and love.

Bete Noir exists in all of us.